Energy Village Strategic Plans

Energy Village Strategic Plans have been published for Irish, Finnish and Swedish pilots of LECo. The strategic plans provide an overview and a guide on how to develop a strategic energy plan within a community. These plans are highly likely to succeed as a number of stakeholders are involved as well as a political commitment. Communities may not need to follow all steps in this process but this plan is designed to encompass all parties, create solutions and develop a plan that can be implemented by community leaders.

A strategic energy plan is essentially a short-term and long-term blueprint of how communities can achieve energy goals. These initial goals are set by stakeholder input which allows for local buy-in and therefore strengthens the likelihood of success of the implementation of the project.

‘Energy Village’ Strategic Plans allow for stakeholders to take into account the best use of the locally available renewable energy resources and reduce the impact of climate change on the community. These plans can also increase comfort level for citizens and reduce long-term energy costs.

The strategic plans are available on: