LECo - Local Energy communities

The LECo project supports small communities in becoming self-sufficient regarding energy. The project aims at raising awareness about energy efficiency and the possibilities to use locally available renewable energy, such as wind, solar and hydropower, as well as side streams from industry, households and agricultural origin.

The project gathers test groups from Finland, Sweden, Norway and Ireland. The goal is that the test group will become self-sufficient regarding energy making the most of locally available energy source and new technologies.

LECo online platform
More information about project and energy communities: localenergycommunities.net


Heidi Kanala-Salminen
Centria University of Applied Sciences
Tel: +358 447 250 241 

LECo podcast

At the end of this year, it’s time to wrap up the Local Energy Communities project. The last newsletter has been published and it can be read on the...

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The recording of the LECo final conference has been published: https://leco.interreg-npa.eu/outputs-and-results/

Please, enjoy a large information...

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The final conference of the LECo project was held November 11th. Because of the current pandemic situation around the world, the conference was...

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LECo Pilot Videos The LECo project has produced videos about the pilot projects performed in Finland, Sweden and Ireland.

The local partners...

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The LECo newsletter 10/2020 has been published. The newsletter contains information about the LECo final conference and the renewable energy...

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We warmly welcome you to the online conference Local Energy Communities: Pathways for a Sustainable and Renewable Future. The conference will be...

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The LECo project has applied for an extension according to the suggestion of the main funder, Interreg NPA. The project will be continued to the end...

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The LECo project has produced posters about the LECo pilots. The posters will be presented in the final conference of LECo the 11th of November....

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Factsheets of the exemplar LECo projects have been published. The renewable energy factsheets for the community audience contain information about air...

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