LECO study visit solar energy - Jokkmokk, Sweden

LECO study visit solar energy, Jokkmokk, Sweden, 19 september 2018

Jokkmokk municipality arranged a solar energy capacity building event in Jokkmokk on 19th of September 2018. 20 people gathered to visit a 11 kW solar energy plant in central Jokkmokk. Jokkmokk’s LECO team presented the project which is funded by the NPA programme with partners in Ireland, Finland, Sweden and Norway. The goal is to combine new innovative technologies with locally available natural resources, and to raise awareness of energy efficiency and identify possibilities to use renewable energy.

The owner of the plant explained how they came to the decision to build the plant and how they did. The solar panels are polycrystalline which are less efficient but often a lot cheaper. The Swedish funding system rewards a high use of the produced electricity in the own building. In this case, electricity is used by a restaurant in the building and to tank electric cars. The surpluss feeds in into the net and sold to the electricity company Vattenfall.