LECo - Energy efficiency webinar series: Nr 1

LECO – Local Energy Communities invite you to join our free online webinar! Become energy efficient and save money as you save energy. We want small communities to become self-sufficient regarding energy. The first step is to save energy and by this lower your energy bills and tackle climate change. In our first online webinar you will learn about what energy efficiency is, how to become more energy efficient and also the range of benefits that result from an energy efficiency programme in your community buildings. Speaker Marcel Berkelder has many years of experience working with communities and is a certified expert in energy and ventilation/air-conditioning. This webinar is part of a series of five free webinars and each of them will further develop the topic of energy conservation:


1. The basics: What is energy efficiency and what are the benefits? (21st May, 10:30am CET)


Please register for this 1st webinar:



2. Knowledge is power: 5 key tips for energy smart communities (4th June, 3pm CET)

3. Doing more with less: heating, warm water and air-conditioning (18th June, 2pm CET)

4. Doing more with less: lighting & electric appliances (date not yet decided)

5. The journey is never ending: how to become an energy champion (date not yet decided)


Duration: about 45 min.