LECo - Local Energy communities

The LECo project supports small communities in becoming self-sufficient regarding energy. The project aims at raising awareness about energy efficiency and the possibilities to use locally available renewable energy, such as wind, solar and hydropower, as well as side streams from industry, households and agricultural origin.

The project gathers test groups from Finland, Sweden, Norway and Ireland. The goal is that the test group will become self-sufficient regarding energy making the most of locally available energy source and new technologies.


Henna Ruuska
Centria University of Applied Sciences 
Tel: +358 40 596 3024

The Western Development Commission launched their Local Energy Communities (LECo) project in IT Sligo on Friday April 6th. The launch was combined...

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The Climate Ambassador programme is a new initiative to train and support individuals taking action on climate issues and is jointly supported by the...

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LECo partner meeting was held 15:th of February in Luleå in Vineyard Event & Konferens conference center. The first reporting period of LECo ended...

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Welcome to listen and discuss the alternatives of renewable energy, usage of local energy resources, and energy aids at LECo – Local Energy...

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Kick-off meeting of LECo project was held in Tankar Lighthouse Island in Kokkola, Finland 5-6.9.2017.

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